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The arc is a flexible line shape, which has changes in length, radian and direction. It has a variety of faces and has a high artistic aesthetic. The shape of arcs originates from nature. There is no perfect straight line in nature. The beauty of randomness comes from nature. The arcs are divided into concave arcs, convex arcs and combined streamline forms. Different types of arcs and organic combinations. Faces embody different aesthetic rules.

The artistic aesthetic rules of arcs in space design are mostly represented by the repetition and gradation of several arcs. Repetition is the orderly arrangement of design elements of the same specification, forming a sense of volume from the arc to the arc surface, with integrity, arc The gradual change is the change of different directions and different lengths and radians from the line to the surface to form a variety of streamlined volume spaces, which together form a complete architectural space artistic beauty. The role of arcs in design cannot be underestimated. Whether it is a structure or a decorative element, it reflects not only its free, natural, primitive, and streamlined artistic feelings, but also the most rigorous extraction based on the growth law of natural objects. The natural structure and design originated from life, and at the same time from the nature, the arcs of various design aspects will be more applied to the actual project, in the context of the high-tech era, its expressions will be more diverse.